Leather patina

The art of aging gracefully

I love leather. And in particular leather that ages pretty. That pretty feature is called leather patina.

Leather patina is the hallmark of a high-quality leather product; a soft sheen that develops on the surface of the leather, giving the product real character and personality.

Just like your favourite pair of jeans, leather ages in the same way and develops a patina as the oils in your skin and other elements of the environment absorb the leather. Patina is not a negative effect, but rather the main reason people fall in love with natural leather.
The effects of the aging process, such as the accumulation of body oils, sunlight and wear from use, cause the leather to darken and become shiny. Over time, you can embrace and love the worn-out look that will appear.

Leather craft

Just as the wrinkles on an aged human face tell a thousand stories, so does leather patina.

Natural un-dyed leather, like this Virgin leather on the photo on the top, starts off with a beautiful light brown tone, undergoes a wide range of brown tones through daily use. It will loose it’s virginity.
Vegetable tanned, though dyed leather, will gain patina over time too, only not as visible in colour as this Virgin leather does.

The natural patina is a process that cannot be imitated in leather by artificial means. It only needs time and use.
Use your Cin-bag to the max en experience the patina magic!

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