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Each bag and item is crafted with great attention to detail. I always strive to make you the best bag or accessory.

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All Cin-bags are made of real leather. Leather features a unique and natural expression, which can lead to variations in colour and structure. Marks and scars are characteristics of an authentic leather hide. All of these natural differences in the animal’s hide create a truly unique look that adds to the aesthetic appeal of your Cin-bag.
It’s normal that leather changes slightly in colour due to weather influences and by simply using it. Embrace this natural aging of your bag, and let it become yours more and more with time and wear!
Be careful with light-coloured clothing; dark leather may rub off at first.
And in case your Cin-bag got wet, dry it at room temperature; not in the sun and not near a stove or heater.
If you do feel like maintaining the leather, spray it with a clear protective waterproof product and/or nourish it once in a while. Both sprays and creme are available in my webshop.


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For maintenance I love the products of Famaco. It is a French family run leather care company recommended by leather designers and craftspeople worldwide. So if you feel like taking care of your bag you can use either of these products. Don’t forget to follow the instructions on the bottle before applying it and remember to test any product in an inconspicuous area of your bag first.

• Leather care product ~ Famaco Crème Délicate
• Leather care product ~ Famaco Eco Protect

Protect & nourish

Cin by Cindy Jeurissen’s bags are handmade and so, despite my intensive checks, mistakes occur. Since you should be able to count on my quality, all of my products come with a 12 month warranty on manufacturing and workmanship. This means if e.g. a stitch comes loose, send it back to me and I’ll repair it.
The warranty does not cover normal wear such as stretching or softening of leather, scratches or damages by normal wear. These kind of changes are part of the aging process of a leather bag. Overloading your bag, leading to damage of zippers is also exclude from the warranty.
Guarantees on the woven wrap scrap(s) can not be given, because it is a material material not produced by me.


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