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Grateful for reviews on your tailor made leather bag

A blog post about reviews on your tailor made leather bag. Isn’t that a bit weird? Euhm, maybe. But since it’s my site and I feel the need to do a little shout out, I’ll do it this way, haha.

The thing with reviews and client testimonials is, that owners of one woman businesses like mine, are getting ridiculously happy receiving a good review, feedback or happy mail. They literal make my day. Or even my week!

Because that is why I design. And create. So that you, my loyal customer, will receive a bag or accessory made with love – cheesy cliché, but true – and that you are then so fulfilled with it, that you want to shout it from the rooftops. And if you are, please do so!
Here on my own website or on Google reviews.

A tailor made leather bag, my passion becomes your favorite accessory to wear!

And so it did for Mell, she left a review that made me blush – her Facebook review.

“Cindy created a customized MOM bag and Waves wallet for me, plus two extra wrap straps for a previously ordered bag on Etsy. Working with her was a pleasure – she is the sweetest and super patient with indecisive customers (me) available to assist on any step. Upon arrival unpacking my items was a treat in itself for all the little details and the care she took wrapping.
I couldn’t be more happy with my new favorite bag. It’s exactly what I was hoping for and much more. The leather is amazingly soft and of highest quality, the cuts/seams are 100% accurate and all the different ways to carry my bag highly functional. It’s love at first sight for me and I can‘t wait to see the leather transform with use making it even more mine.

Thank you very much, Cindy, for your work and just everything.”

tailor made bag - MOM bag with Artipoppe woven wrap fabric.

And XueYing about her tailor made leather bag – her Facebook review
“After my bag arrived, I finally understand why many would wait years to get a custom made Cin Bag. Lucky for me, someone offered her spot and I had the chance to get a bag beautifully crafted by Cindy. It is made with the softest leather and feels so good to the touch! Thank you for everything!”

tailor made leather bag

And Emily about her tailor made leather bags  – her Facebook review
“Cindy made me a custom M.O.M bag using some precious handwoven scrap, and a matching Pleats to Meet You bag. I had waited three years for my custom slot with Cindy because her reputation is exceptional, so my expectations were high. She more than met them – she smashed them!! I have the most beautiful bags I have ever seen and I am beyond thrilled!
Once my slot time arrived the process was very quick! The design tool was clear and straightforward. I was a bit stumped for colours and Cindy put her exceptional creativity to work to give me a start to work with. Once the designs were agreed, Cindy completed the bags incredibly quickly and postage to the UK took less than two days!!
The M.O.M bag is so incredibly versatile, and unlike many bags with wearing options, looks stunning and is comfortable to wear in each iteration. The Pleats to Meet You is the absolute perfect size to carry all your essentials if you’re travelling light (without children in tow) or to keep your wallet and phone handy if you’re wearing the M.O.M as a backpack.
Before I became a mother, I had a bit of a designer bag collection. The leather quality of my CIN bags is beyond their quality for suppleness and delicious texture. Cindy’s crafstmanship and attention to detail is also peerless in my experience. I particularly love the thought she’s so obviously given to scrap placement, lining colour, and so much more! Her eye for design sets her apart from anything you could get elsewhere.
Thank you so much Cindy for your talent, time and kindness.”

And many more!

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