Leather care

Leather care

What can I say? Leather loves to been taking care of.
I love working with leather, because it’s such a strong, varied and natural material. And because leather is an organic product, means no hide or skin is alike. This uniqueness is part of the charm. And over time, leather will acquire an even more authentic look.
Leather ages pretty and develops a patina as the oils in your skin and other elements of the environment are being absorbed in the leather. You can speed up this proces or slow it down with a leather care product. Though nevertheless, in the end, leather bags will have their own story to tell, showing al user marks and all. I personally love this a lot!

Leather care products

I can talk relatively short about leather care products offered here. For maintenance I love the products of Famaco. It is a French family run company recommended by leather designers and craftspeople worldwide. Both care products shown here are suitable for various kinds of leathers.

Next to care for your handmade bag while using it, it’s also important that when you are not using your bag for a while, to store it well. Make sure you’ll put it in a dry place away from moisture, direct sunlight and radiators.

How to care for leather

Don’t forget to carefully follow the instructions on the bottle or spray before applying it and remember to test any product in an inconspicuous area of your bag first. How to care for leather in general means taking off dirt with a soft damp cloth. And then let your bag dry for a while before feeding it with a protective cream.
After this, spray it with a protector evenly over your custom bag, making sure every part is coated, and let it dry naturally. Repeat this last step if your bag has been caught in the rain.
And voila, that’s how to care for leather.

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