Large everyday bags

Everyday bags

These large everyday bags are handmade by me, Cindy Jeurissen. While designing these larger bags I pay special attention to ease of use and wearing comfort.
It is important to me that large everyday bags feel comfortable on the shoulders, and are not too heavy on itself. By using mainly soft and thinners leather – though very strong – these bags become a pleasure in use and wrap around your body, feeling almost weightless, while carrying little stuff. Wearing comfort to the max.

Ease of use is accomplished by testing each model first myself for a couple of months. If I find anything disturbing while using the bag, I go back to the drawing tables and re-design once it’s perfect! 

Everyday leather bags

This way of designing my everyday leather bags also means that adding a new model to the collection sometimes takes months. That’s why there aren’t that many models to choose from. All everyday leather bags you see here are so thought through, in my opinion there is no need to have many more models to choose from.
Plus the fact that each model has multiple straps to choose from, makes the bags shown here suitable for everyone, everyday too! Click on a listing to find out more about a particular one or a custom bag.

Everyday bags for women

The everyday bags for women available for purchase here are the Carpe Diem, MOM bag and Round Bag. Especially the MOM bag is super versatile to wear and because of it’s size very practical for (new) moms to carry around all the stuff they need for themselves and their kids. But I didn’t just design this bag for mothers, the name is actually an abbreviation, meaning Mirror Of Mood; in the mood for a little outing, a day of shopping, traveling to work or just a quick trip to the stores? Depending on what’s inside, this bag molds to a large size. Or if you have very little to carry, the moldable leather gently fits around your body and the bag feels almost weightless.

Everyday handmade bags

Just like any other item on this website, all everyday handmade bags are personally made by me! With the utmost care and attention to detail, each bag is consciously handmade with you, my dearest customer, in mind. A Cin bag is a unique piece of art and craftsmanship. I put my heart and soul into my work and use high-quality leather and fittings to create a bag that will last. And will bring you joy! Every day you walk around with it.
Have a good look around in my Cin bags webshop and if you come to the point to order one, but are still a bit in doubt, feel free to contact me. I am always delighted to assist. Also about leather care.

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