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Handmade bags

All handmade bags in this shop are made by me, Cindy Jeurissen. Designer, creator and maker of bags for 18 years already. Over the years, I have built up a lot of expertise to always come to balanced designs. Each bag or accessory has to be right, down to the smallest details: from ease of use to portability. But also in terms of design and timeless styling.
All this will, I hope, appeal to every woman who is looking for handmade bags with just the right extras!

Handmade leather bags

Great comfort in usability and nevertheless stylish handmade leather bags, that’s what I’m offering here. If you are in search of high quality handmade leather bags and accessories made to order, you are at the right place!
Choose one of the ‘ready to buy‘ handmade leather bags here, or create your own in a custom made bag designed by yourself. This shop is the place to be. Feel free to look around, if something is unclear or if you are missing information, please contact me! Mail, call or what’s app and I’m there for you.

Handmade genuine leather bags

The vast majority of items in this shop are made from real leather. However, if you have the desire to carry a Cin bag, but would rather not wear accessories made of real leather, there are a few limited edition leather bags made of Vegan leather!

Next to offering handmade genuine leather bags, I’m happy to be able to provide this gorgeous alternative.
The vegan leather used in these items is of a very high quality and is no less than the real deal. The vegan leather bags will also last for years and come with the same guarantee as the leather bags!

Handmade leather bags for women

All bags available here are for women. That’s because I love designing for women. Being a woman myself, I think I can best empathize with my clients, you, and meet your needs. Handmade leather bags for women is my specialty. And although one of the bestsellers of the ‘design yourself‘ leather bag collection is called a MOM bag, all bags are for each woman, whether you are a mother or not. I strive to design bags for a large audience, from bold to refined, for every style and type of woman.

Handmade bags online

Making timeless and ageless bags is very important to me. Because once you’ve designed one of your unique handmade bags online, and you enjoy using it for a few years, it would be a shame if it went out of fashion very quickly, wouldn’t it? And I’m aware that creating a design online can be challenging, therefor I made it super easy to do so and you can always contact me with questions or advise. Want to give your bag a long life? Check out my carefully selected leather care products. Buying handmade bags online is a great boost for small entrepreneurs like me. Imagine the happy dance I’m making once you make your purchase! You will make my day and I hope yours when the bag is delivered to you! Seems like a clear win-win situation, doesn’t it, haha!

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