Design yourself

Custom bag

Let’s start designing! Yes, you are on the right spot to kick start your online design session for a custom bag here. First, pick a custom bag model to start with. Choose from the MOM bag, Flow, Pleats To Meet You bag, Round Bag, Carpe Diem Bag, Big Spender or Waves Wallet. After this, select the leather that appeals most to you. See what switching in colour combinations can do and what effect they have. Design, redesign and start all over again if you feel like it. Have fun and get a good idea of what your bag will look like in a few seconds!

Custom leather bag

Feel free to adjust your online design as many times as you like, until your custom leather bag or accessory is perfect. And it totally feels YOU.
In need of some advise while designing? As mentioned earlier, you can always contact me. Email me a screenshot, or a few, of your online design for your custom leather bag and I will try to advise and I will look into whether you are on the right track. Thanks to years and years of experience, I am well able to value and fulfill your wishes. And I’m always happy to make a few mock-up design for you to inspire. Simply contact me! I can also advise you on leather care. If you want to enjoy your custom leather bag for a long time, just call me.

Custom shoulder bag

So, now you know which bag style you are gonna go for, and you have chosen colours for the leathers, zippers and lining too, there is one more choice to make… straps!
Most of the models to choose from have different strap options.

Some have choices in wider, narrow or adjustable straps. Other straps will make the bag transform in function, from custom shoulder bag to cross-body or even to wear some models as a stylish backpack. The variety of straps will help make the custom shoulder bag even more personal while you are wearing it!
This also applies to the ‘Ready to buy’ handmade leather bags, most of the ‘Large everyday bags’ have the option to choose diverse straps too.

Custom cosmetic bag

Which isn’t in the webshop available already, but will be soon, is a custom cosmetic bag design. I’m actually working on this, this very moment!
Before a new design is added to the collection, it often takes months. Developing ideas, making samples, leaving them alone for a while, ripening, thinking them over and using samples myself until it is exactly to my liking. And that is exactly how it is when it comes to the custom cosmetic bag.
And the extra cool thing about these custom cosmetic bag will be, that it even will become more personalized by having you own text embossed in your leather bag.

Customize your bag

A name, initials or just a cool quote. You name it, I’ll emboss it and customize your bag to the max. Sign up to be the first to know once the cosmetic bag is available. Given the character of the design, it’s excellent to gift someone special.
Now you know all ins and outs of how to design online and customize your bag. I hope you will have fun doing so and everything runs smooth on my webshop. If you experience any troubles, drop me an email, or DM or so. Once your purchase is done, I’ll take it from there and you can sit back and relax until I email you photos of the finished result. And only if that meets your purchase 100%, I’ll ship it!

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