M.O.M. Bag


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Here you can design your own MOM bag!

MOM stands for Mirror Of Mood.
This bag will mold to your mood!
In mood for a small getaway, day of shopping, traveling to work or just a quick trip to the supermarket? Depending on what’s in it, this bag molds into a large size bag.
Or when you have only little to carry, the moldable leather fits softly around your body and the bag feels almost weightless.

Besides that the MOM Bag can form according to function, the bag can mirror your mood; in the mood for a stroll and some shopping? Use the short shoulder strap in a chique bold colour.
Longer hike ahead or is your bag becoming more heavy because of all your purchases, use the backpack straps and wear the bag easily on your back or cross-body.”

If you are in doubt or want to discuss your design beforehand, feel free to email me your ideas and/or screenshot. I’m always happy to help & advise!

All bag-parts have different choices in leather.
Try them by unfolding the categorized parts and create your own design in your favourite colour scheme:

Top * 

Front * 

* In this part of the bag you can have your own fabric placed. Upload a photo of your woven wrap scrap and choose leather colours which suit your scrap well:

Bottom * 

Sides * 

Loops * 

Short handle


Short handle (extra one)


Long strap


Backpack straps


Main zipper * 

Front zipper * 

Lining * 


This MOM bag can be uniquely made for you, even with your very own woven wrap fabric.

All bag-parts have different choices in leather. That’s because each leather has its own characteristics which makes it suitable for specific bag-parts.

Please note that leather colours may look slightly different, because of screen display. Check out the Leather Database for more photos and read all about the specific leathers.

✦ If you purchase this item, you’ll receive a free gift! Read about it here.

This item is custom made for you. Therefore, the lead time for this order is approximately 3 weeks. After placing your order I will send an email with the exact delivery time.

Pricing can vary depending on which straps and options you’ll choose. There’s a full resume of your choices visible after adding to cart.

Need some inspiration?
Have a look at Showroom, here you can see lots of bags I’ve made in the past 10 years for loads of happy customers and get inspired. A few of them are already shown here.

In case you’d like to have a bag made with your own fabric included; the needed fabric sizes for this item are given below. 
Please send your fabric, before or after your purchase, to my address, see contact.

• needed fabric size: 31cm/12” (high) x 40cm/15,5” (width)

For specified dimensions see image.
Additional sizing info concerning straps:
~ the ‘short handle’ is 4,5cm/1,8” wide and 32cm/13” length.
~ the ‘backpack straps’ are 2.3cm/1” wide and adjustable from a minimum of 40cm/16” to 74cm/30”.
~ the ‘long strap’ is 3cm/1,2” wide and adjustable from a minimum of 55cm/27,5” to max 102cm/41”.

The MOM bag is possible to wear in 4 different ways:
★ shoulder bag, using the ‘handle’
★ backpack, using the ‘backpack straps’
★ cross-body, using the ‘long strap’
★ cross-body, using the ‘handle’ and wear it high on your back

The video shows the M.O.M. bag style and hopefully helps you get a good idea about sizing and how to wear:

4 reviews for M.O.M. Bag

  1. Cindy Jeurissen

    In the period 2014–2021 I have been selling my bags at Etsy.
    You can read the exclusively five-star reviews I received all those years HERE.

  2. Melanie (verified owner)

    Cindy created a customized MOM bag and Waves wallet for me, plus two extra wrap straps for a previously ordered bag on Etsy.
    Working with her was a pleasure – she is the sweetest and super patient with indecisive customers (me) available to assist on any step.
    Upon arrival unpacking my items was a treat in itself for all the little details and the care she took wrapping.
    I couldn’t be more happy with my new favorite bag. It’s exactly what I was hoping for and much more. The leather is amazingly soft and of highest quality, the cuts/seams are 100% accurate and all the different ways to carry my bag highly functional.
    It’s love at first sight for me and I can‘t wait to see the leather transform with use making it even more mine.
    Thank you very much, Cindy, for your work and just everything.

    • Cindy Jeurissen

      Ah, this makes me blush! Thank you.

  3. Sonja

    I love my mom bag!
    Cindy made such a good job. Cindy is such a gorgeous person and so nice. The communication with her is always perfect. I have ordered 3 mom bags for me and my friends, so the design process was a little bit longer with creating 3 bags but Cindy was always patient with me and my decisions. She has always good suggestions concerning the leather and colors.
    I always knew how far we were and when the bags will be ready. The shipping was fast and the packaging is always so lovely. There is always so much love in everything that she make. The quality of the bags are excellent, totally soft leather and perfect colors. I use my bag as a mom of two every day as a diaper bag, purse and backpack. This size is perfect for moms or working women who need much space.

    • Cindy Jeurissen

      Communication is everything indeed! Thank you for your kind words!

  4. Jo

    I could not love my bag more. 💞
    I use mine sooooo often – I love that if there’s not much in it you can put it over your shoulder with the short strap, but if you’ve got a big day ahead of you it can deal!
    I would use it every day but I have a flow, a classic and a pleats to meet you too, so I have to change it up a fair bit! 😉

    • Cindy Jeurissen

      Thank you! And goog luck choosing 😉

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