M.O.M. bag – in Black leather & Artipoppe fabric


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•• M.O.M.
This stands for Mirror Of Mood. The bag will mold to your mood. In the mood for a small getaway, day of shopping, traveling to work or just a quick trip to the supermarket? Depending on what’s in it, this bag molds into a large size bag. Or when you have only little to carry, the moldable leather fits softly around your body and the bag feels almost weightless. 

•• Materials.
The mainly used leather in this limited edition bag is the Black Soft leather in a classic black and known for its moldable and durable quality. The short strap is made in Vintage Concrete, which compliments the gray in the fabric super nice. The fabric is originally from the woven wrap / baby sling brand Artipoppe. Worldwide known for its exclusive fabrics. For some of you this bag will be a precious souvenir from the days you carried your baby, for others this just will be a gorgeous bag. Both is fine, whatever suits your feelings!

•• How to wear.
How voluminous the M.O.M. Bag becomes depends on what’s put in there. This M.O.M. bag is possible to wear in 4 different ways:
~ shoulder bag, using the ‘handle’.
~ backpack, using the ‘backpack straps’.
~ cross-body, using the ‘handle’ and wear it high on your back.

•• Sizing:
For specified dimensions see image.
Additional sizing info concerning straps:
~ the ‘short handle’ is 4,5cm/1,8” wide and 32cm/13” length.
~ the ‘backpack straps’ are 2.3cm/1” wide and adjustable from a minimum of 40cm/16” to 74cm/30”.

•• Inside.
The bag is lined with a dazzling chique Fuchsia fabric. Plus there’s a signature lanyard for your keys inside. The bag closes with a metal zipper and has a spacious front pocket, with zipper too.

•• Made.
This is a pre-order, your bag will be made within two weeks after your purchase. Freshly made for you, straight from my sewing machine!

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The video shows the same bag-style, thought in different colours. But might help you get a good idea about sizing and how to wear!

2 reviews for M.O.M. bag – in Black leather & Artipoppe fabric

  1. Cindy Jeurissen

    In the period 2014–2021 I have been selling my bags at Etsy.
    You can read the exclusively five-star reviews I received all those years HERE.

  2. Corinna

    No other bag for me anymore than a Cin…

    Already for several years the first Cin bag has passed into my possession. These bags are in a class of their own: stylish, top quality and limited to unique. Since the first day with my first Cin no other bags came into my house. Meanwhile I own four, two of them are my special unique pieces. The MOM bag is my fourth Cin, I bought it because it meets my taste 100%. It is as versatile and tasteful as its „sisters“. A thousand thanks for the heart and soul, dear Cindy, which you always invest in your creations. <3

    • Cindy Jeurissen

      Oooh, wonderful to read! Thank you!

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