Famaco Eco Protect Spray


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Famaco Eco Protect [150 ml, plastic bottle with pump] is an easy to use pump spray which provides a protective coating for all materials such as smooth leather, suede and textiles. It is a great alternative to aerosol waterproofing agents, is low on odour and safe to use indoors.
It effectively repels water, mud, oil, snow and dirt and prevents salt and water stains from forming.

How to apply Famaco Eco Protector:
• Famaco Protector can be used on all materials, including woven wrap fabric
• Ensure products to be treated are clean and dry before application
• Simply hold the can 15cm from the material and spray
• Leave to dry, then you are free to enjoy the rain!

Together with the Famaco Crème Délicate, this makes a great set to take care off and protect your Cin-bags and accessoires.

For maintenance I love the products of Famaco. It is a French family run leather care company recommended by leather designers and craftspeople worldwide. So if you feel like taking care of your bag you can use either of these products. Don’t forget to lly follow the instructions on the bottle before applying it and remember to test any product in an inconspicuous area of your bag first.


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