Hello! I’m Cindy.

A creative all-rounder and starting professional photographer. Although, starting out, that’s not entirely true, because I have been photographing for my own bag brand for over 18 years! This experience has made me an expert in product photography. In order not to depend on weather conditions, among other things, this is best done in my own photo studio. And I recently built one. So happy with it!

I recently completed a certified professional photographer course.
That study challenged well to explore many branches of photography.
For instance, I am one of few photographers who has not specialized in one expertise. You can use me as a photographer super all-round and I’m up for anything!
Anything Cindy? Yep, try me! 

My own style? It is still developing and I am flexible, which means that I am good at photographing and editing in the (house) style of a client.

Cindy Jeurissen Fotografie - Cindy aan 't fotograferen in sunset
Cindy Jeurissen Fotografie - Cindy aan 't fotograferen

Self portraits in collaboration with Femke Huisman.

Business photography

“Up for anything” may sound a bit silly, but I still mean it, haha.
Feel free to email or call me to discuss possibilities.

What I have already been introduced to is business photography. 

That is, at golf course The International, they saw potential in my blossoming business photography skills, and entrusted me with a big job. Capturing their business, in all its facets, for the first edition of their magazine. That meant I portrayed people, photographed landscapes – a breeze at such a beautiful golf course – and photographed food.

See the result here.
This was the start of corporate shoots that followed!

Branding photography

While doing food photography for the first time, I immediately found it so cool to do again! Formidably prepared dishes with delicious food, a wonderful challenge to make the flavours almost pop off in the photo!
Does this fall under product photography? No idea. I don’t like to think in boxes. But this is certainly a nice piece of branding photography for their restaurant.

The thing I have been photographing for years, my own handmade bags, probably falls under branding photography. Taking neat product photos for socials and webshop, where the shape of the bag and the material, leather, stand out beautifully using perfect lighting, has been my main goal in terms of photography for years. 

Interspersed with storytelling photos, bags in the making and bag designer – me – at work. Featured on Instagram, for example.

Fotografie studio Cindy Jeurissen

Portrait photography Amsterdam

And that is exactly what I would like to capture for others. Your product, your company or… yourself!
Portrait photography Amsterdam can be used for business – to present yourself well (online), why you do what you do and what you can do for someone – or for private purposes. 

Just have a series of photos taken of yourself or your family. I love capturing children too! My own studio makes it ideal for portrait photography to drop by, but on location is of course also possible. I just take my entire equipment and flash bulbs with me. No probemmo! Nothing is too crazy for me and I aim for 100% satisfaction from all parties involved!

Fotografie studio low-key Cindy Jeurissen
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