Personal branding photography

Branding photography

In the portfolio above, some examples of my current, rather diverse, work. I am up for many styles.
There is a lot to write about branding photography. Because it is HOT. We need branding photography for just about everything these days. Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, website etc.
People naturally like images more than text, so getting your brand, your products and/or services cool in photos is essential. And, I’m your woman to do so!

Through my years of expertise in successfully marketing – and keeping successful – my own bag line, by regularly posting product branding photography shots on socials, I can be of great help in taking your branding photography to the next level.

Personal branding photography

Okay, to be honest, personal branding photography, I have slightly less experience with that.
Because, to be even more truthful, I have always found it quite difficult to show my own face, the bag maker behind the bag brand. This is because I am hugely critical – and a bit insecure – about my looks. 

Now that I am a photographer, it is time to change that and I regularly have other photographers photograph me. Secretly quite fun! 

Because of these personal experiences, I can empathise very well should you also be unsure how you look in photos.
So during a personal branding photography photo session, I am not just a photographer, but coach you through it by chatting light-heartedly, giving you pointers on poses and showing you the occasional snapshot. Just watch how much self-confidence you gain then.

Business branding photography

If you are confident about yourself and your business, you will – unconsciously – communicate this to customers. Which helps enormously in selling your product and/or service. Trust me.
As with business photography, story-telling is important. Business branding photography can be seen as broadly as interior photography, product photography – which I have a lot of in my portfolio here for now -, business photography and portrait photography all come together in one photo shoot.
It is the complete story and brand identity of your company, told through photos. It increases your recognisability, as professional photography brings unity to the look of your photos. 

Business branding Netherlands

I am based in Zaandam, but coming to you is no problem at all. I love driving. Business branding Netherlands it is.

Beforehand, we have a conversation about what your requirements are. I ask you about your company’s story and what you want to achieve with the photos. Together, we then map out exactly which photos you need. For example, we can determine for each section of your socials and website what photos would suit it.

I always go for 100% satisfaction, for me and for you!

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