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Having only just made the decision to become a photographer, and only just started my education as a professional photographer, I was already offered a first assignment.

At golf course The International, they saw potential in my blossoming photography skills, and entrusted me with a big job. To capture their company, in all its facets, for the first edition of their first magazine! 

This involved portraying employees, photographing landscapes – such a beautiful golf course – and food photography.

Incredibly fun to do and hugely enriching. 

And to immediately see the photos in print is also an incredibly nice experience. And great to see that they are instantly delighted at The International as well. 

Fotografie magazine The International pagina's
Fotografie magazine The International pagina
Cindy Jeurissen Fotografie - Golfbaan The International
Cindy Jeurissen Fotografie - Gerecht bij golfbaan The International
Cindy Jeurissen Fotografie - Keuken bij golfbaan The International
Cindy Jeurissen Fotografie - Clubhuis golfbaan The International
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