Leather in a Virgin Blanc colour

Virgin Leather

COLOUR: Blanc / natural leather.
TYPE: Very firm leather
CHARACTER: This leather is also known as ‘saddle leather’. It is vegetable tanned and un-dyed.
Vegetable tanned leather items share a story, your story. The leather is known to wear beautifully and gain a patina over time. It ages with time and wear as it interacts with your natural skin, oils, in the sun, or just daylight. It makes the Virgin leather change in colour (become darker). After a while, the Virgin leather will loose it’s virginity.
CHOOSABLE: Check the customizable bags for all available options. Because of its leather characteristic, each part of each unique bag has its own range of available leathers.
SUSTAINABLE LEATHER: All leathers I use are top / full grain leather, Magenta Leather too. Durability and lifespan of a bag are very important to me. Because I make every bag or accessory myself, I have control over every step of the process, sustainability at its best. I use leather that is a by-product of the food industry. And I barely throw anything away and turn leather scraps into purses and accessories.

Leather is not only practical and pretty, but I believe it can be an emotional material too. Because bags, made of real leather, are getting more beautiful by wearing and aging, while you get more and more attached to your bag. Is there any other practical fashion accessory which gets that attached to you? It deserves a meaningful material!

* Please note that colours may look slightly different, because of screen display. Also, exact colours can vary slightly because of the dye-process of the leather. I do my best to show most accurate colours so you can make the best decisions for your handmade unique Cin-bag.

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