Leather bags

Leather bags

Welcome to my webshop. 
Here your can find limited edition leather bags, accessories and models to create your own design with! 
In case you are interested in that, designing your own leather bag, go ahead, give it a try. It’s super fun to do! No strings attached.
Simply select a model of your choice, choose leathers which match your style, or not, if you are looking for something completely different for once! Screenshot a couple of options for yourself and compare them next to each other. Happy with it the result? Add it to your shopping cart, check out and I will do the rest!

Leather bags for women

Is the idea of making all those choices stressing you out? No worries. I got your back. Choose one of the ‘Ready to buy’ models! 
I strive to offer a balanced collection limited edition leather bags for women for everyone, using different colour combinations and diverse styles. Have a look at the ‘Best small bags’, ‘Large everyday bags’ and ‘Unique accessories’ (more coming soon).
And what you may read multitudes already while exploring cindyjeurissen.com, all items in this shop are made by me, Cindy Jeurissen. Designer, creator and maker of bags for 18 years already! And gained a lot of experience over the years in making high quality leather bags for women.

Handmade leather bags

All handmade leather bags shown here are, or will be made, to order. Once you place your order, I’ll start making it. That way I can keep stocks low and service high.
And because I make every bag or accessory myself, I have control over every step of the process, which is sustainability at its finest.
Talking about that, my best contribution to sustainability is actually that a Cin bag is reliable, has a long lifespan and doesn’t need to be replaced any time soon. What is stopping you from buying one?

Leather handbags

Since you should be able to count on my quality leather handbags, all of my products come with a 12 month warranty on manufacturing and workmanship. This means if e.g. a stitch comes loose, send it back to me and I’ll repair it. No hassle. No stress. So you can enjoy using your my leather handbags with ease.
Last thing which might be fun mentioning, that if you find a Ready to buy bag or item, which you love as it is already, only would like to have a minor thing changed? Drop me an email with your wishes and I’ll see what I can do! I love to make customers happy, so why not you?!

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