Free goodies - Canvas XL shopper - Cinbag.

I ♡ free goodies

Who doesn’t like to receive free goodies? And who doesn’t want to give some extra as a gift? I certainly do! 

For years, I’ve been giving customers a little present with their order. Sometimes it’s a surprise. Sometimes it’s something practical. And sometime something stylish. Sometimes something from leather. Sometimes something from fabric.

For quite a long while I chaperoned each purchase with a pouch, made from Eco Jute, printed with a signature Cin design. But, because I like to update and refresh gifts once in a while, so loyal customers don’t get the same gift over and over again – although numerous pouches always come in handy, to keep many stuff well organized in your bag, right ladies? 😉 – there is a new freebie available recently. And that’s the Canvas XL shopper.

Free goodies, a signature pouch or shopper XL!

The Canvas XL bag is a large size* shopper, made of sustainable eco cotton and finished with a signature Cin-print with a touch of humor. A super practical bag for those times you don’t have enough room in your Cinbag or when it’s at home.
Have a look for yourself, Fenice & Sylvia have modeled it excellently for you!

But, I also have a few left of the Cin signature pouches**, so if you’d be happier with one of them, just let me know in the comment box when you purchase, and I’m happy to send you one of those! Made of fine Eco Jute, finished with a black leather string. Excellent for carrying all your little goodies in your Cinbag.

* 40cm/15.5″ (hight) x 50cm/20″ (width)
** 12cm/4.5″ (hight) x 22cm/8.5″ (width)

Free goodies - Canvas XL shopper at sunset.
Free goodies - Canvas XL shopper - sunset.
Free goodies - Eco Jute Pouches.
What is the best way to store leather handbags - Cin dustbag
Free goodies - Canvas XL shopper at sunset.
Free goodies - Canvas XL shopper.
Free goodies - Canvas XL shopper in Spring.

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