Event photography

Event photography

Something that has been on my bucket list since the start of my photography career is Event photography. Why? Because I love working in a vibrant place and shooting cool pictures. The people, the crowd, the venue, the atmosphere. You name it. I love it!
When the first festival of season 2023 presented itself, I grabbed my chance. DGTL on the NDSM terrain in Amsterdam.

Since I had a visitor’s ticket, my camera and flash had to stay at home. A small system camera – the only requirement being that it can shoot in RAW – in my pocket. Event photography with very limited resources so to speak, haha. But… the photos that came out of it did not disappoint!
A selection of them here in my portfolio. Edited and all.

Can you imagine how many and even cooler photos would have come out of it if I did shoot with professional event photography gear!

Month later at the Fête du Champagne Festival, Rembrandpark Amsterdam, I again took this little camera with me. So delightful to capture!
I was also present at Pllek’s Midsummer Night Party, an amazing dance performance in Berlin by Breaklin Crew and PioneerDJ Females First in Amsterdam.

And at the festival among festivals I also attended…. Tomorrowland!
More to be followed!

Business event photography

Festivals, in all kinds of genres, are of course great fun to capture. But I certainly don’t forget business event photography, either. I think that’s just as much fun to do. Then it is precisely the power to create atmospheric, clear photos with a more introverted atmosphere. In the character of the company in question. With an edit matching the company’s house style. So that the photos of the business event can be nicely used for socials & website.

When privacy of visitors to a business event is important, I also take this into account. Through low depth of field, visitors of the event less prominent in the picture, but more the ambiance.
Like the photos taken during get-together & theatre performance ‘Catching Dreams’ commissioned by Elaa.

Party photographer

So I am much more than a party photographer. Although that does sound very appetising, party photographer. Makes you instantly happy, right?
But also during a party, be it a corporate event or a festival, I am a professional and during the event I will look for the best angles to photograph from, without getting in the way of guests or visitors. Putting people prominently in the picture or not. Good lighting. And capturing important moments.
That could even be weddings.

Event portraits

Important moments can also be important people. Atmospheric or bright portraits during the event, for example. And I don’t mean the kind you sometimes see of groups of friends next to each other. But eye-catching visitors, striking or quiet enjoyers of a festival or stylish guests, with event portraits I bring them into focus.
At a corporate event, this can mean that I take event portraits of important (business) partners if required. Depending on the organiser’s wishes.
As an all-round photographer, I can be used for many things! Contact me.

About copyright; I put my passion and creativity into my photos, but please remember all photos on this site are the property of me, Cindy Jeurissen. They may not be reproduced, copied, published, stored, modified or used in any form, online or offline, without prior written permission from the photographer. On the other hand, feel free to just ask!

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