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Handmade small leather bags

The handmade small leather bags shown here are all relatively not so large bags. However… it depends on what you call small!
What I call small is a bag which is excellent for daily use, fits your essentials easily. Like a  phone, keys, wallet, (sun)glasses, tissues and some make-up. And the Flow bag will also be perfect to hold bottle of water.

Because of that, all of these handmade bags are perfect for daily use. Therefor buying one in a neutral colour which suits your outfits well – so you don’t have to change your bag with each outfit – can be a good idea.

Small handmade leather handbags

Not to make choosing even harder, but buying one or two small handmade leather handbags in a bold colour can be a good choice too! 

When you wear mostly blacks and/or neutral clothes, a Flow or Pleats To Meet You bag in a bold colour can spice up your outfit super nice! Wearing a handbag in a popping colour can also be a conversation starter once it’s recognized by fellow handmade handbags lovers. And how cool would that be? 

And in case you can’t find a bag on this small handmade leather handbags page, hop over to where you can design your very own custom bag!

Personalized small leather bags

And isn’t designing the ultimate form of personalizing small leather bags? I think so! You can choose a leather colour for each part of your bag until it totally meets up to your standards and wishes.
Do all choices in colours and leather structures dazzle you? You can always ask me for advise. Or choose one of the small leather bags on this page and have it personalized by changing some details. Like a different colour of strap, zipper or string. Because I hand make every bag myself once an order is placed, it’s no problem to change those details. That is the main benefit of ordering at a small business, you can ask and talk about almost everything concerning bags and I’m always happy to help and advise where I can. Even about leather care!

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