Portrait photography Amsterdam

Portrait photography Amsterdam

I was introduced to this during my photography education and instantly fell in love with it. What fun it is to portray people exactly as they are! Portrait photography Amsterdam is a wonderful way to capture character and identity on film.
During a shoot, I do my best to capture you spontaneously in a casual setting. This can be done at my studio or at a location of your choice. Alone or with your family or children.

Business portrait photography

You probably realize that the days of holiday snaps as profile photos on LinkedIn, socials or the proposal page of your website are long gone.
A clear, beautiful photo of yourself and/or colleagues is so much more professional and powerful. That’s what business portrait photography is all about.
During a business portrait photography session, you will be professionally guided by me and given instructions regarding posture and appearance. I like to capture you in the most natural way possible, so that the portrait presents what you stand for as a person.

Black and white portrait photography

Together we look at clothing choice, background and lighting.
You can do so many cool things with lighting! Before the shoot starts, we can discuss this in detail together.
Fan of black and white portrait photography? Me too! Especially in combination with low key photography, where only part of the face is exposed.
The large dark areas in the photo create an exciting and mysterious image. Contours are accentuated and convert enormously well in black and white portrait photography.

Outdoor portrait photography

When I talk about lighting, it mainly happens in my studio. Playing with various flash bulbs, diffusers and other techniques to achieve creative results.
Very cool of course, but light that also gives really great photos is… daylight!

With outdoor portrait photography on location, you can shoot the most natural images in the most beautiful settings. Think of the popular golden hour moments, where you can take a beautiful series of portraits during sunset, on the dunes or at the beach. With dreamy depth of field and soft warm light. A setting in which almost everyone looks handsome in one shot and looks great on the wall at home.

Close up portrait photography

Shooting a photo reportage outdoors among the flowers with the sun going down, I’m in!
But also cool, and perhaps less likely to come to mind, is close-up portrait photography. In the studio or on location – a raw industrial terrain, for example – and then in full view. Letting your character speak for him or her through a photo taken considerably close up. 

Close-up portrait photography also lends itself incredibly well for children. So nice to capture those character traits that were already there as a child and will probably still be recognizable – when we are 30 years down the line.

Portrait photography costs

You can find them globally for individuals here and for business portraits here.
And feel free to contact me for a customized price!

Not yet completely at ease in front of the camera? No problem! I will make sure that you relax perfectly and ‘pose’ casually. It will be fine!

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