Personal work

Freelance photography 

This first page of my portfolio features photos shot in my spare time. These include studio shoots, landscapes, architecture and nature. Raw close-ups or clean lines, both have my interest. 

During my recently completed training to become a professional photographer, I focused on making all facets of freelance photography my own. Practice, practice, practice. I don’t mind that at all. I like to take my camera everywhere I go and shoot as much as I can. There is so much to learn in freelance photography, especially by doing!

Product photography

One specialism in photography that I master well is product photography. I have been doing this for over 18 years for my own bag brand. Photographing a bag in such a way that the customer, online, really gets a good picture of the product, clearly shows the dimensions and the material – in this case leather – is my expertise.

Translating that experience to other items for product photography goes down well for me. Especially now that I have my own photo studio, which allows me to take product photography to an even higher level.
Interested in whether I can do the same for your brand? Call or e-mail me! 

Fashion photography

Fashion photography is such an incredibly cool thing to do! And… for this I am still looking for fashion designers to work with – possibly on a TFP basis. That too can be done in my studio and we can go nuts together on creative backgrounds and lighting or on location, matching the outfits for example.
Before the fashion photography session, I like to put together a mood board and we can brainstorm based on that, so that during the shoot everything runs smoothly and ideas are clear to all parties. 

Conceptual photography

Nice to know – even though it’s been quite a while – that I graduated from the Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts in 2003. Conceptual thinking is therefore nothing new to me!
My very first introduction to photography was also at the art academy. I learned the – oh so important – technical basics of photography on an analogue SLR camera. Later, the discipline of conceptual photography was added. I also even developed photos in a darkroom back then. I love old school.

Event photography

At art school, I learned widely to think conceptually and approach subjects in an out-of-the-box way. Event photography, on the other hand, has a bit less to do with that, but all the more with technique.
Event photography is one of the most difficult areas of expertise, but one where my interests lie.
Capturing great moments at vibrant places like festivals, where you only have a few seconds to capture the right moment on the sensor… Hugely challenging and a dream to get good at as an eager festival visitor!

I recently shot my first awesome footage at DGTL 2023.

Hiring a freelance photographer

All these areas of expertise and diverse fields, as mentioned earlier, I’m really still finding my niche in it and in the meantime, I love working for a variety of clients.

Why not hiring a freelance photographer who’s starting like me? With pleasure! You can always call or email me – without obligation of course – with your wishes, ideas and/or goals of the photos to be taken and from there I can indicate what I can do for you.

• If you would like photos at your office, I will be happy to visit you beforehand to taste the ambiance and take stock – free of charge.
• If you want a personal shoot in my studio, I am happy to advise and think about clothes before you come my way. Feel free to send me photos of various outfits and together we will come up with a balanced look and atmosphere you would like to express in the photos.
• Are there any products you would like me to photograph for you? Feel free to bring them by, to let me know which aspects of the product have priority and should be highlighted most and most beautifully. You can also send them to me. Then I will make sure they come back to you in one piece. 

What applies to every expertise is that I like to think along in all areas in advance to achieve a top result.

Freelance photographer rate

When you inform me about your wishes, ideas and goals of the photos to be taken, I will make you a customized offer.

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