Event photography

What is event photography and why is it important?

Event photography is about capturing the atmosphere, emotions, and unique moments that make your event special. As an event photographer, I immerse myself in the world of festivals, your party, conference, or any gathering, with an eye for the moments that truly matter. Whether you’re organizing a corporate event, cool festival, or a more intimate anniversary party, I enjoy capturing all events and don’t mind traveling a bit for it.

What can I, as an event photographer, do for you or your organization?

In short, I don’t miss a moment! The photos I take during festivals, conferences, workshops, business dinners, sports classes, and so on, are often used as marketing material. Ideal! Especially at festivals, capturing the vibrant atmosphere is an essential goal; I always strive to capture that buzzing vibe! Being an enthusiastic festival-goer myself certainly helps me immerse myself in the atmosphere. And when I’m having fun, it’s a win-win.

Customized atmospheric event photography

For corporate events with a more subdued character, I always strive to create atmospheric and clear photos. In line with the character of the respective company. Even with an editing style that matches the company’s branding. When the privacy of event attendees is important, I also take that into account. For example, by using techniques like shallow depth of field and/or placing people less prominently in the frame. No problem! When it comes to private parties, I naturally enjoy photographing the guests. Capturing the coolest moments, my photos become beautiful tangible memories of your special day.

What else can be photographed during an event?

In addition to capturing the vibe and important moments, it may also involve photographing important individuals. Atmospheric or clear portraits during the event, for instance. And by that, I don’t mean the typical group shots. But rather, capturing distinctive attendees, noticeable or quiet festival enthusiasts, or stylish guests. 

With event portraits, I portray them beautifully. At a corporate event, this could mean photographing important (business) partners if desired. Depending on the organizer’s preference. As an all-around photographer, I’m versatile!

What are the prices for event photography?

My prices are transparent and flexible. They reflect the quality and dedication I put into my work but are also designed to be accessible for a wide range of budgets. Take a look at my pricing page for more details and find a package that suits your event or contact me for a customized quote.

Why choose me as your event photographer?

Simple! Because I understand that every event has its own story. My approach is personal and tailored to your needs, whether it’s celebrating success within a company, capturing the dynamics of a festival, or creating lasting memories for private parties, I enjoy capturing every special moment. Always choose a photographer who takes the time to truly understand what makes your event unique. That’s me.

Equally important, I also have experience with event photography. As can be seen on this page (where even a small portion was captured solely with a powershot camera for experience – because I was attending as a visitor), but also take a look at the Business Photography page, where there are also series captured when I was booked for corporate events. Such as the series above of Karlijn Kwint‘s business event in the beautiful greenhouse ‘Haags Hoog’. Or click through to Elaa for a more extensive photo report of their theater production ‘Catching Dreams’.

How do you book me for your event?

Interested in booking me for event photography? That’s great! Send me a message via What’s App or email with the details of your event, including the date (which is very important), and perhaps the schedule if you already have one. Then, we’ll discuss the further details together, and I can prepare a customized price proposal for you. I’d be happy to!

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