Hello! I’m Cindy.
Over a year ago, I made a career switch to photography after working independently as a designer for 18 years. I was already constantly involved in photography for my own bag brand, and initially excelled in product photography!
This works wonderfully in my own photo studio.

During my career switch, I pursued a certified professional photographer training. This course, which I have successfully completed, challenged me to explore various branches of photography. The beauty of it is that I am now one of the few photographers who does not limit themselves to a single specialty!

Whether it’s business photography, portraits, personal branding, or event photography — you can use me as a photographer in a versatile manner, and I’m open to anything!
Anything, Cindy? Absolutely! Try me. Feel free to explore my diverse Portfolio.

Cindy Jeurissen Fotografie - Cindy aan 't fotograferen in sunset

Self portrait in collaboration with Femke Huisman.

In addition to my ‘normal’ work, I now study Conceptual Photography at the Fotoacademie Amsterdam. It not only enriches me as a photographer but also as a person. It allows me to view assignments with a different perspective, capturing moments more out-of-the-box and narratively.

Lifestyle photography

One of the photography categories where I can beautifully apply my conceptual education is Lifestyle photography.
Conceptual photography and lifestyle photography merge, where creative ideas add an extra touch to everyday moments. Each photo not only tells a story but also brings a thoughtful concept with it. The result? Lifestyle photography photos that are not only beautiful but also radiate deeper meaning and artistic expression. It’s like capturing the everyday but with an artistic angle!

Personal work

My great creativity is also expressed in my Personal work. No place, moment, vacation, or trip is safe from me taking photos. My enthusiasm for photography is boundless, and I’m always looking for cool ways to capture special moments.

Business photography

It might not sound so exciting, Business photography, but I love doing that too! Shortly after my career switch, the golf course The International saw potential in my budding business photography skills and entrusted me with a big project. Capturing their company in all its facets for the first edition of their magazine.

Product photography

I did Food photography for the first time, as seen in my Product photography portfolio, and I immediately loved it! Beautifully arranged plates with delicious dishes, a challenge to make the flavors pop in the photo. After those first shoots, more companies entrusted their product photography to me.

Did you know that I offer discounts to returning customers? Check out my Business rates here.

Fotografie studio Cindy Jeurissen

Personal branding photography

Now time for something completely different. While food and product photography revolves around ‘things’, Personal branding photography features a person in the lead role. Different ballgame, but certainly not less fun! In fact, it’s incredibly fun to capture a powerful woman or man in a photo, completely fitting with their own business.
Read all about it in this blog story, among other things.

Portrait Photography

Portrait photography is the perfect way to capture your unique story, whether it’s for a professional look or capturing pure emotions in children. My studio is the ideal place, but if you prefer to be on location, I’ll bring my entire setup. And I won’t leave until everyone is satisfied. Check out my Private rates, for example, here.

Event photography

The last expertise I’d like to mention is Event photography. As an enthusiastic festivalgoer – or am I too old for that at 42, haha – I’m completely in my element when photographing in vibrant places. During an event, I look for unique angles to capture, without bothering guests or visitors.
That’s actually my favorite role as a photographer, as a ‘fly on the wall,’ capturing beautiful moments!

Spreker dame staat tussen haar gasten en lacht
Event fotografie door Cindy Jeurissen - Tomorrowland Festival Mainstage
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