Koppel fotoshoot - op steiger

Couple photoshoot

Not ready to get married yet, but want to capture your love? A couple photoshoot is an excellent solution and that’s what I did for this lovely couple! And I had an assignment from my study to photograph a wedding, or, if there was no soon-to-be-married couple available, to photograph a couple as if it were their wedding day. I chose the second option, a couple photoshoot. Partly on location and partly in my studio. As it is winter and temperatures were near freezing, it was nice not to be outside for hours.
Then my studio really is a great place to be! But, to be honest, a couple photoshoot on location is more fun… Everyone is just a little more spontaneous and creative in the open air, which leads faster to fantastic images of precious moments. 

Romantic photoshoot

However, such a romantic photoshoot is fine in winter with me! Long coats and thick jumpers do very well in a romantic photoshoot.
It was my first time photographing a couple and I really enjoyed doing it. What I do notice about myself is that I have to think of a thousand and one things and then sometimes forget something. Whoops… Which I can solve properly and unnoticed in post-editing, but still, should you book a romantic photoshoot with me, useful to know that I at least do my very best to think of everything, but might take a little bit longer to get to the perfect picture.
But my current rates are adjusted for that. Mail, call or what’s app me for more info on the in-training discount.


In the end, at least I do make sure you get a substantial series of photos from me. From this loveshoot came about 40 cool photos in various edits. With about three hours of shooting, including various dressing changes, driving to and from locations, a very nice result!
Plus, important too is good preparation. Discussing clothes in advance, for example – or bringing lots of them with you on the day of the loveshoot, is also possible!
In any case, I make a personal mood board for you in advance, on which you can give input. The mood board not only helps me and you in terms of style, but also in terms of poses during the loveshoot.

Koppel fotoshoot - landschap

Photo documentary 

Capturing your character and relationship in a photo-documentary-like way. That is my aim during the shoot! Bringing out the little things that typify your love.
With this couple, it was the spontaneity. With barely any instructions given, they were already posing perfectly, giving the good looks, being very flexible and goofing around, haha. Which works just right in the photos.

Would you also like to book a couple shoot – photo documentary style – of your love with me? Then we can discuss in advance exactly what you want to see in the series of photos. Cool, cuddly, joyful, spontaneous, edgy, you name it! With detailed information in advance, I can capture the best moments most beautifully on the day of the shoot! 

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