Business photography

Business photography

Company portraiture or business photography, sounds pretty dry – I know – but can become very vivid indeed!
Capturing a company in photos; bringing out its expertise, strengths and corporate identity with excellence, is what I can do for you with business photography.

And don’t forget the staff, which is the most visited web page at many companies; all employees portrayed.
This way, (new) customers quickly get a familiar feeling and idea of what you stand for as a company and who they are talking to. A must have.

Business portrait photography

Business portrait photography can be done in my studio in Zaandam or on location at the company. If necessary, I can build a day-studio there, or – even nicer – just photograph at the workplace. As long as it lends itself to this, of course.
In this way, business portrait photography becomes not only a ‘mug shot’, but also a nice look ‘behind the scenes’ of your company that allows you to inform your customers even more broadly about the ins and outs of your business.
And you probably already knew that when you inform (potential) clients in detail, it creates trust and therefore a greater chance that clients will do business with you.

So business portrait photography + storytelling = actually essential for your business!

Business photography prices

Do you not have them yet, or are photos in need of replacement? Give me a call!
Then I can immediately explain a few things about my business photography prices. As I am still partly in training, I do not yet have standard rates for this.
But when you inform me about your wishes, ideas and goals of the photos to be taken, I will make you a tailor-made quote, including an in-training-discount.

Business photo shoot

You can also have a business photo taken for your LinkedIn. After all, it needs a more professional profile photo than other socials.

With business photography, don’t forget to have photos taken of the venue too. A clean, clear photo.
And a look at the interior. But then as you like to portray it as your company, which could be warm, atmospheric, cosy or just businesslike and professional. Or a mix of these.
Before the photo shoot takes place, I will ask extensively about your wishes and goals and make a note for your mutual approval. That we are both on the same page when I come to photograph. Good communication is everything and I take my time.

As I’m currently still studying to become a professional photographer, my portfolio is not yet complete and I’m constantly updating it. Curious if I could do a certain shoot for you properly? Then email me and I’ll send you some more photos of my work!

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